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UBS is a leading, fully intergrated construction company providing expertise and extensive knowledge to all its clients.

Our competitive advantage stems from our ability to successfully hit target costs as well as meeting completion times on projects still allowing flexibility for project change.
  UBS's team is made up of a wide range of tradesmen with multiple years experience allowing us to remain flexible and responsive to the demands of our clients. We report and measure the services we deliver, allowing us to develop, meeting requirements to facilitate the clients needs.   UBS are a quality provider of fully integrated construction services, providing expertise and extensive knowledge to all its clients.

UBS will provide a complete service from the start of a project to the end. Alternatively, we will work to strict agreed programmes and budgets of the client's if prefered.

UBS have used their experience to take into account feedback received from previous clients to fully understand their needs. This allows us to be flexible, altering details and specifications at short notice, accommodating wherever possible. We will take full control and responsibility of a project allowing the client piece of mind and time to carry out their normal daily duties.
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